Onus on Gerry Adams - Elliott

Tom Elliott MP
Tom Elliott MP

Ulster Unionists will support an adjournment of the Assembly if “Gerry Adams comes up to the mark” over the existence of the IRA, Tom Elliott has said.

The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP said the onus was on republicans to fix the current “mess” in the political process, but that there was no reason for optimism at the minute.

“This mess has been created by Sinn Fein. Their public comments are simply not credible. The fix to this mess lies with republicans by building credibility,” he said.

“Until Sinn Fein, the two governments and the PSNI are on the same page with regards to the existence of the IRA, there will be little trust or confidence. The calls for an adjournment under the present circumstances, and all the rest, is bluster – a sham. It is not business as usual in the Assembly because the Ulster Unionist Party acted decisively two weeks ago.

“We left the Executive. Since then others have ducked and dithered. It was a pity that not one party would support us at the talks yesterday when we wanted to put terrorism and the credibility of Sinn Fein’s reaction to recent events at the top of the agenda. Our position has now been fully vindicated.”

A delegation from the UUP met with Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday as the crisis continued to escalate. Mr Elliott said his party is working hard to find a resolution.

However, he added: “We will not be U-turning just to let others cling to office. We will not turn a blind eye to recent events. We want the institutions to work and we remain committed to our vision of a truly shared, peaceful, prosperous and fair society. It’s over to Sinn Fein.”