A few questions for SF to answer

Campaigners dressed as crocodiles bearing signs demanding an Irish language act now
Campaigners dressed as crocodiles bearing signs demanding an Irish language act now

I wish to use the letters page of your paper to ask Sinn Fein’s Northern Ireland leader Michelle O’Neill some questions.

• 1: Can she give a fully costed implementation plan for an Irish language act – including the setting up of all associated offices, including a commissioner?

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

• 2: Does Sinn Fein accept that Irish has become a political weapon, but can still easily be learnt through a school setting or course run in the evening? This is of course proof that the Irish language is NOT ignored throughout society.

• 3: Where does Sinn Fein propose getting any money from to implement an Irish language act? What other department’s budget would she recommend is reduced to implement an Act? Health? Education? Infrastructure? Or perhaps even Communities?

• 4: On what basis do Sinn Fein believe that the millions spent on the Irish language is inadequate?

• 5: When will Sinn Fein stop selecting convicted terrorists to run for elected office on a Sinn Fein manifesto?

• 6: When will Mrs O’Neill be giving evidence to the RHI enquiry about her department’s involvement in promoting the scheme?

• 7: When will the need to fund Irish language schools be dropped when there is a perfectly adequate education sector (represented by the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools) which would cater for education at a cost that is not hugely more expensive than any other sector per child?

• 8: Will Sinn Fein accept that the victims of the IRA terrorist campaign (which they supported) have the same human rights as people from Londonderry or Ballymurphy, something they fail to accept currently?

• 9: When do they plan to stop playing politics with the Northern Ireland population by making demands that will do nothing to enhance Northern Ireland, its people, and a positive future?

Doubtless I will not receive a response from Mrs O’Neill as it she may well have to face a few uncomfortable truths she will not wish to acknowledge.

David Gilmour, Coleraine (DUP member)