A southern Irish voice who speaks up for Unionists

Outside the Lambeg Presbyterian Church a man with a shock of long grey hair carrying a black hat had come to pay homage to Lord David Trimble.

News Letter editorial
News Letter editorial

Someone recognised who he was and eventually an Ulster Unionist press officer plucked him out of the small crowd, and brought him into Harmony Hill for the funeral service. He had travelled more than 100 miles from Co.Kildare, and he was and is one of the most vocal friends of Unionists south of the border. It was the writer Kevin Myers.

The timing of him being there could not have been more ironic. This week five years ago Mr Myers was hounded from his job and flayed on both social media, and by the Irish mainstream media, over totally false allegations of anti-Semitism. Kevin Myers became the Dreyfuss of southern Irish media-land. Captain Dreyfuss was accused wrongly of treachery by anti-Semitic factions of the French military and political establishment. Mr Myers was branded an anti-Semite across airwaves and online networks even though the Irish Jewish community recognises him as one of their most important, valued allies. He has been a robust defender of Israel’s right to exist — a stance not popular in the Republic where there is a widespread, irrational loathing of the Jewish State.

Kevin Myers received a warm welcome in Lambeg because many who gathered to say farewell to Lord Trimble knew that the commentator, one-time brilliant news correspondent and novelist has always reported fairly, accurately, compassionately about the Unionist community. He revived the memory of tens of thousands of Irishmen who fought for freedom in two World Wars but were officially erased from history by the Irish State because these heroes served in the British Military. Moreover, he has remained a courageous opponent of the IRA since its inception and is still not afraid to enter the public square to expose the Provos’ and their media apologists’ lies. He deserves his “resurrection” as he truly is a voice that speaks truth to power. So, welcome back, Kevin!