A tool to destroy Arlene Foster, the best modern leader of unionism

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

I am alarmed at how many of our people say they have stopped buying the News Letter because of the line it has taken over the Renewable Heat Incentive affair (RHI).

I was reared on the News Letter.

Indeed it is an institution always collating, reporting and investigating for the unionist people.

People have called into my office and stopped me in the street to express their disgust that our newspaper is being quoted by the Irish media and by the BBC as a great tool in a bid to destroy our first minister – the best leader that unionism has had in my lifetime.

This is someone who cannot fight back on the media’s terms.

I am not going to let this drop.

First I will write and then I will follow it up with visits to the headquarters of the News Letter.

Short term sales may seem OK but they are not your loyal readers.

We the people will see clearly that our newspaper was used to destroy the DUP and allow the self-destruct law through, which the DUP are stopping at present.

I ask Mike Nesbitt and Jim Allister:

Who do you think will replace Arlene?

Pastor Barrie Halliday, Bessbrook, Co Armagh