Aileen Quinton: Top officer ‘a disgrace’ for backing debate on Troubles policing

The scene of the Enniskillen bomb seconds after the blast.
The scene of the Enniskillen bomb seconds after the blast.

Aileen Quinton, daughter of fatal Enniskillen bomb victim Alberta, speaks out over the Chief Constable’s support for the idea of a debate over when to “draw the line” under policing historic Troubles crimes:

The chief constable’s words had me in tears yesterday morning.

Aileen Quinton

Aileen Quinton

Betrayal from someone in his position strikes deep. It is not “just” the betrayal re my mother and the notion of writing off her murder.

It is a betrayal of a lot of what she and my father stood for.

My father joined the RUC Reserve at 65 and didn’t retire from it until 70. He wanted to do his bit in protecting us all and respond in a legitimate manner to the terrorist threat posed.

This upholding of law and order in the face of terrorism is dishonoured, mocked even by a chief constable making such a comment. We clung to the law and our values.

The man charged with upholding the law has trampled on them.

He is a disgrace. It is his job to ensure that murders are properly investigated not to call for any debates about letting murders be written off. That he was not actually calling for the amnesty does not make it all right. How many more people are lined up to make the notion of ditching justice a valid option?

Do your job Mr Hamilton!

What next? The Met Commissioner calling for a debate on legalising rape? Tell me again why I should trust the PSNI?

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