Along comes McGlone with his gormless expression of concern on flags

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Just when you think no politician or political party could surpass the depths of fatuity like the Conservative and Unionist Party did in their handling of Brexit, along comes Mid Ulster’s Social Democratic and Labour Party MLA Patsy McGlone to outdo them all by his gormless expression of concern about Union flags on English strawberry boxes.

The SDLP politician suggests that Tesco’s head of marketing needs a revision course.

As the sight of a flag on a strawberry box seems to have unnerved him and caused him to bid adieu to common feeling, prudence, and worst of all common sense, maybe he too should do some revising.

Despite his present sinecure and the declining state of his party perhaps a new line in work beckons. Marketing sounds like a good option. Maybe not.

Wilson Burgess,Londonderry