Katie Price with Kieran Hayler whom she has married three times
Katie Price with Kieran Hayler whom she has married three times

I did a double take as I walked past the newsstand. Surely Katie Price wasn’t getting married again?

On further investigation I discovered it was indeed ‘The Pricey’ on the front cover of a glossy magazine.

She was adorned in yet another Barbie-style wedding dress with a man that looked exactly like the last ‘Ken’ she’d recently married.

It was in fact Kieran Hayler, the current husband she so publicly disgraced when she found out he had been unfaithful with two of her friends.

Their first wedding was in January 2013 when she married him on a beach in the Bahamas; she didn’t enjoy that event too much, complained, and was offered a refund by the resort.

She married him again in March 2013 in a Willy Wonka-themed celebration (I wonder did she get that idea from Anthea Turner’s ill-fated Flake-themed wedding?) Then Katie and Kieran renewed their vows again in an attempt at a more elegant affair in February of this year, the photos of which are now gracing our newsstands.

Katie also married her second husband Alex Reid, in two lavish weddings in February and July of 2010.

And of course how could we forget her first wedding to Peter Andre, in which she arrived in a Cinderella-style glass coach in a shimmering toilet roll cover doll ensemble with matching pink crown. This was the start of Katie’s wedding fever.

She married Peter once more in 2008 in a vulgar dress with a neckline that plunged to the navel. Katie has yet to find out that multiple weddings do not a marriage make. Experts claim one way to make a marriage last is to watch a movie together.

US researchers found divorce rates fell by half amongst couples who regularly watched films together. This works for couples because conversations about the character’s relationships create a safe environment to think about and talk critically about their own relationship. It supposedly helps couples talk about their emotions without it feeling too personal. Suggested viewing is Hope Springs, a story about a couple who try therapy after decades of marriage. Though Katie Price might be more drawn to the movie 27 Dresses.

Other celebs who seemed to be overtly fond of wedding gowns include nine times married Zsa Zsa Gabor, eight times spliced Liz Taylor (she wed Richard Burton twice) and the currently five times married, Joan Collins.

The Guinness Book of Records holder of the title of the most married woman in the world, goes to the late Linda Wolfe who had no less than 23 husbands! She claimed she was addicted to the romance of getting married.

For many brides it’s not about the groom but about being princess for the day and getting into the dress they have dreamed of all their lives.

Watch TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress and you will see would-be brides go into a dream-like state as they try on the tulle. I felt the same about my wedding dress, I never wanted to take it off, (though it’s probably time I did!).

It is a wonderful feeling to be a bride, especially if it’s a day you have fantasised about since you were little. Many women yearn for the pampering and the fairy tale gown, though some fear they will never find the Mr Right to make it a reality.

A travel company in Japan know this is the case and have come up with a money-spinning idea to please the single bridezilla. ‘Solo Weddings’ in Kyoto give single women the chance of being a bride for the day, complete with wedding dress, bouquet and photo shoot but without the pesky presence of a groom. You are then presented with a mini album of your experience. The package includes hotel accommodation for a single room for one night (without meal).

Though the company say if you are too nervous to eat dinner alone the tour co-ordinator will accompany you. How sad is that?

Alternatively you could go for the Miss Havisham experience; simply order a wedding dress from a catalogue and have a wonderful day wafting around your own home with a selfie stick. Who’s going to know?

Perhaps that’s an option for Katie Price when wedding fever next strikes her. Though with business savvy Katie’s tendency to be always the bride and never the bridesmaid, those wedding day smiles accompany her all the way to the bank. With each wedding she has been either accompanied by a film crew or sold her nuptual photos to the media.

For Katie each wedding brings a reality cheque. They don’t call her the ‘The Pricey’ for nothing!