Another Sinn Fein sex abuse scandal where nobody’s been held to account

Ma�ria Cahill
Ma�ria Cahill

How often have you fumed at the television as you listened to the self-righteous clamour from a Sinn Fein representative demanding that the police, the army, the security services, the church or whatever other group they have set their sights on, be held accountable for something they have done?

Yet the same lot expect their own murky past to be exempt from such scrutiny.

Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

When Gerry Adams was exposed for protecting his paedophile brother he accused those who questioned him of being engaged in a political witch-hunt and demanded that he be left alone to deal with what he described was a private family tragedy.

His gullible party members rallied around him because of course the Sinn Fein brand was more important than the protection of a vulnerable girl or the exposure of her abuser.

As if one sex abuse scandal was not bad enough, now another has emerged.

The systematic abuse of Mairia Cahill by alleged IRA members, the cover up by the IRA and Sinn Fein, the intimidation of the victim and the failure to help her when she reported the abuse to senior Sinn Fein members would be a scandal which would destroy any normal party, but Sinn Fein are once again brazening it out.

At the centre of the sordid story is Junior Minister Jennifer McCann who ironically is in charge of seeing through the historic institutional abuse inquiry on behalf of the NI Executive.

Although Mairia Cahill told her about being repeatedly raped, McCann never reported it to the police or even encouraged the victim to make such a report. No doubt the integrity of the IRA was too important.

Indeed we see how callous the Sinn Fein Junior Minister can be when she declared in a BBC interview that republicans were hurt and offended by the rape victim Ms Cahill telling her story.

How can anyone who has been the victim of abuse in the past have any confidence in a minister who was prepared to participate in keeping abuse under wraps rather than have her comrades’ sordid actions exposed, because that is what Jennifer McCann did when she failed to report this serious matter to the police.

Jennifer McCann’s role in this scandalous affair should be investigated, given her responsibilities relating to historical institutional abuse.

That is why I and my colleague Paula Bradley MLA will be presenting a motion demanding such an inquiry at the next sitting of the Assembly.