ATM thefts: trio of readers have their say on possible solutions

The scene of an ATM theft in Bushmills on April 16, 2019
The scene of an ATM theft in Bushmills on April 16, 2019
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These three letter-writers are united in surprise that no solution has yet been deployed to thwart the rising tide of ATM thefts in Northern Ireland. Here are their suggestions:

May this theft spate have a satellite-based solution?

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Another ATM cash machine has just been stolen and the police still appear clueless; an unbelievable state of affairs.

From the outset, what I have found very hard to understand is the fact that there is an easy solution to this scourge. Farm equipment etc can be fitted with a satellite tracking chip, the size of a grain of rice, meaning when the police show up, the stolen property can be pinpointed.

Now, why could such a chip not be used in ATM machines?

I asked the banks. Apparently the company responsible for ATM machines does not want another company (satellite tracking experts) involved.

Talk about shortsighted!

Lee Maginnis, Portadown

...Or a solution involving a dye burst?

To counter the attacks on ATMs, could we not use an existing technology which is used in money bags? In the event of an attack, the bank notes are sprayed with a coloured dye, rendering the money useless to the robbers. In an ATM, the dye pack could be activated by a strong shock, such as that provided by a mechanical digger striking.

J Charles Teggart, Bangor

...And what about securing the diggers in the first place?

With another ATM robbery, this time at Bushmills, police should put pressure on the companies which either have or hire out mechanical diggers to secure them.

The digger is the weapon these thieves are using. If you take away the weapon they can’t get into these ATMs.

If pressure is put on the firms hiring these out, maybe then they will ensure that the digger in their charge is safety-protected and cannot be used – in other words they should be immobilised.

Val Young, Carrickfergus