BBC have erred with Coyle move

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Once again the BBC shows that its leadership team is completely out of touch with the licence payer.

The decision to axe Sean Coyle’s daily show can only be described as moronic. After 90 minutes of division and negativity on Nolan, Sean’s show was a beacon for thousands.

He brought laughter,tears and a sense of frivolity.

If ever there was a presenter to be compared to Wogan then Sean was that person.

Why the BBC have to ruin what was a show that endeared itself to young and old alike will probably be revealed in a few days when the replacement comes on air.

I would be appalled to think that Sean has been sacrificed so that the BBC can show itself to be more ‘PC’.

Who or what replaces ‘Coyler’ will have huge shoes to fill and will be judged against what was for many listening heaven.

Cllr K.J Turner, Mid and East Antrim Council