Both abortion and an Irish language act are unacceptable

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Why is everyone (established churches et al) so set on giving in to the blackmail of British parliament who think they can force Stormont to accept a pointless Irish language act in order to stop abortion in Northern Ireland.

Both are unacceptable to right thinking people so the DUP should be seeking every possible legal challenge to block this undemocratic ruling and take a leaf out of the anti-Brexit mob in Westminster.

Our unionist politicians seem unable/unwilling to use their influence and power in Westminster to expose this blackmail and bring it down. I have yet to hear them speaking up for the unborn or to clarify the illogical nonsense of the Irish language act.

We hear so much about human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights (eg. Scotland pride themselves on ‘giving children a voice’ in their no-smacking law) but ignore the rights and voice of the unborn.

This is hypocrisy and typical of the moral standards of our day.

David Wilson, Beragh