Brexit will boost Northern Ireland's place in UK

The irony, amid the talk of a divisive and unnecessary border poll, is that unionism finds itself on the front foot, awaiting a Brexit which will consolidate our status within the UK, and distance ourselves from the Republic.

Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 4:17 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:06 pm
We need the support of Westminster, but our laws will return there and the nation will prosper

The pipe dream of a united Ireland lies in tatters and republicans are in meltdown at the prospect of the UK thriving on our own, and offering a better quality of life to everyone in NI, regardless of religious persuasion, or background.

It is this which will continue to persuade many outside unionism to sensibly favour remaining in the fifth largest global economy which provides so much more for the next generation than our neighbours could ever hope to.

A stable economy is the standout advantage of the Union. NI cannot survive on its own, no thanks to the destruction and devastation caused by the IRA bombing campaign for decades, deterring foreign investors who were understandably reluctant to invest in our violent Province.

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We need the financial support from Westminster, that is obvious, but there is so much more to the Union.

After Brexit, we will be part of a nation who hopefully will have control of our borders, our fiscal policy, and most of all, our laws.

Our fishing waters will be reclaimed, the quotas negotiated, and our long suffering fishing industry can again gain confidence.

The common agricultural policy will be tackled and improved upon for our farming sector.

The grants have already been promised to be replaced in 2019 by Westminster, and our ability to trade with the global market, unfettered by the binding bureaucracy of the EU will see NI trade with an ever-increasing outreach, supported by our position inside a growing UK.

The dividends from leaving the EU can be a solid foundation to improve every stratum of public service, including and especially the NHS, which is under pressure from the sheer volume of numbers in an aging population who are living longer, and exacerbated by the hundreds of thousands arriving from abroad who haven’t paid into the system, yet still avail of this wonderful service.

I see the UK in the future, a beacon to the world.

We are a unique nation, we have contributed so much in every aspect of human development, from science, the abolition of slavery, our welfare system, our laws, and our roles in defending the world from those determined to destroy the freedoms we enjoy today.

Forget border polls, forget divisive scare-mongering, the Union is here to stay.

Stephen Cooper, Comber