Bridge to Scotland? We can’t even sort out our own roads

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The recent suggestions by Boris Johnson and DUP and others to build a cross channel bridge is nonsensical.

Our “leaders” can’t even sort out the more pressing M1 motorway / York street junction, never mind the improvements of A5, A6 and the railway/bus routes. Is Belfast the only city in the world with traffic lights on a motorway?

This bridge notion is as well thought-out as Boris Johnson’s notions of Brexit, or the DUP’s suggested “third way”. We have seen no thoughts, plans, or financial estimates!

How many successes have these people had, other than get themselves elected?

It is current practice to justify projects by the financial return from an investment. What we haven’t done is work out the cost of our failures. What is the cost to the taxpayers here and in GB of the failure to deliver proper government in this province?

We need to know this. Bad or non-existent government has cost us how many billions?

Tom Ekin, Belfast BT9