Bye bye to the bomber Bolton

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Good riddance, John Bolton!

Resigned voluntarily or was asked to resign? Who cares?

A man when interviewed by John Pilger, (who had asked “difficult” questions), quipped at the end of the interview whether Pilger was a member of the Communist Party, inferring as he did that anyone taking Pilger’s line of questioning and critical as Pilger was of the neoconservative agenda (cherished by Bolton) must be at the other extreme of the spectrum.

David Icke said of John Bolton that “he’s never seen a country he didn’t want to bomb!” Bolton though is much loved of the powerful networks and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies.

Given an Islamic name and made leader of a foreign country striving towards independent development and sitting on vast oil reserves, Bolton would surely have been the West’s archenemy and a favourite for the US corporate media to lampoon. But as he has spent a career furthering US interests in the world, Bolton automatically gains a certain degree of respectability amongst the West’s cultural gatekeepers whose partiality stems from the erroneous idea of American exceptionalism.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough