Cameron might do a deal with SNP


Like many political commentators, Alex Kane (April 20) assumes the Scottish Nationalist Party will prop up Ed Miliband’s Labour Party.

However writing in the Sunday Times, Robert Harris has justifiably raised the spectre of the SNP coming to some arrangement with David Cameron’s Tories instead, and I can see how this could work.

The SNP could agree to a 2017 in-out EU (European Union) referendum in return for a Scottish independence referendum held on the same day.

Most Scots would likely vote in favour of staying within the EU during a 2017 referendum, and in the interim period the Tories could devolve most contentious matters to the Scottish parliament in return for the SNP abstaining on matters pertaining to England and other devolved assemblies.

Moreover the Tories could assume that by delivering ‘devomax’ to Scotland this would undermine the ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum – a potential win all round for the Tories.

Insofar as replacing Trident is concerned, well Ed Miliband has already categorically stated that he will support it, which has effectively neutralised him and his party, and I think that he has been ‘played’ on this issue.

Remember, during the last Westminster election most political commentators assumed the Lib Dems would go into government with Labour, but David Cameron managed to stitch together a deal with them, and I wouldn’t rule out his doing a deal with the SNP either after May 7.

Bernard J. Mulholland

Malone Road, Belfast