Cartoonist captured the stark hypocrisy of Sinn Fein position

Morning View
Morning View

In a twist to the controversy over Barry McElduff and the Kingsmills massacre, the young cartoonist Brian John Spencer has produced a hard-hitting image.

In it, Gerry Adams has something that looks like a loaf of bread on his head and is excitedly shouting ‘Equality’ beside the van that carried Protestant workmen in the 1976 atrocity, before their sectarian murder by the IRA.

As blood streams from the van, the caption reads: Sinn Fein’s red lines.

Brian John Spencer has recently emerged as one of the best cartoonists in Northern Ireland.

Now, with this image, he cements that reputation. In addition to his drawing skill, he has a sharp eye for satire and hypocrisy.

There is no more stark hypocrisy in Northern Ireland than terrorists or their staunchest supporters not merely bleating about equality, rights and respect but bringing Stormont to a halt on the back of such demands.

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein leaders glory in the bloodshed of decades of sectarian murder.

In an instant, a young cartoonist saw that and depicted the absurdity.

His image is explicit, perhaps even upsetting, but necessary.

While London has dithered and even unionists have been slow to face up to the painful reality that Sinn Fein have brought devolution to an end, that is the situation.

Northern Ireland cannot and must not jump to the demands of these self righteous hypocrites.

Well done Brian John Spencer for pointing out how deeply and grotesquely hypocritical they are.