‘Choice’ is the only ethical principle which the political left recognise

Pro choice participants gather outside The Custom House in Dublin for a march through city centre calling for the repeal of the Eighth amendment to the Irish constitution. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire
Pro choice participants gather outside The Custom House in Dublin for a march through city centre calling for the repeal of the Eighth amendment to the Irish constitution. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

There is a depressingly uniform support from those who style themselves as on the “left” in Irish politics for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, which will remove the constitutional protection for the child before s/he is born.

For many republicans and human rights activists, this is difficult to understand.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Parties such as Sinn Féin and People Before Profit haven’t even tried to produce a class-based analysis of the pro-life position.

“Choice” is the only ethical principle which they recognise, even when that choice is one to end another person’s life.

We know that abortion disproportionately affects the poor, those from ethnic minorities, females, and the disabled.

The vocal and well funded militant feminists and what used to be human rights groups have climbed the high moral mountain, and abuse and censor anyone who dares question the basis of their thesis.

The left, hidebound by the dogmas of “bodily autonomy” and “trust women” refuse to consider the real lack of choice which many working class women have. They don’t do facts, only rhetoric.

Of course we need a health service worth the name, houses, social care, jobs and hope.

Many pro-life people recognise that social justice is central to caring for women and families, but they do not have the power to change the structural inequalities in our system of governance.

The political class, those who can bring about positive social change, instead use the most vulnerable as scapegoats for their own failures. Their greed and incompetence was never to blame.

The same politicians and media who colluded to lead the nation into a bubble and bust economic crash now imply that that killing preborn children will help solve the housing crisis, joblessness, poverty and despair. The safety valve of emigration was used over the years, and the removal of the right to life serves the same end.

It is a fact that abortion rates are higher when women are in crisis and feel unsupported, and that for many women it not so much a choice, but what they see as the only way out of an impossible situation.

There is now a wealth of medical evidence that women have much higher incidences of depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse and completed suicide after abortion. But you won’t hear the sisters talking about this!

We hear none on the political left challenging the subversion of a sovereign nation’s democracy by illegal donations from foreign currency speculators. Shame on them, especially those who claim to be republicans. Does anyone seriously believe that billionaire venture capitalists are going to finance the revolution?

The new media darlings Amnesty International are now mouthpieces for classic neo-liberal right wingers. At least the Pregnancy Advisory Service complied with a court order to return the money.

Of course the likes of Georges Soros and the other filthy rich pseudo-philanthropists aren’t interested in Irish women’s health.

They want a cull on the poor globally, the Untermenshen, those who can’t or won’t feed their money machine.

Incredibly they get tax breaks for using their dirty money to shape the world to serve their agenda! But there’s not a word of challenge from those on the left who should be defending the values which they claim to espouse.

The world’s richest 1% of people control half the wealth, and the disparity between rich and poor has been on a steadily upward path ever since the crash.

In Ireland, while wages and living standards drop, those whose incomes derive from shares and assets increased by 500%. The left, it seems would rather target unborn babies than challenge the real reasons for poverty.

Ireland’s pro-life ethos is an affront to this new world order and the powerful who rule this axis of evil will not rest till it is crushed.

The Proclamation of the Republic is a blueprint which for many of us still describes the Ireland we will work to achieve.

In this document we have a blueprint for a nation which could be a beacon for the world.

We must reject the failed solutions imposed by those who do not have the interests of all people at heart. We must Cherish All the Children Equally if we are to achieve freedom.

Vote no. Save the Eighth.

Dr Anne Mc Closkey MB, Londonderry