Christians are commanded to have no fellowship with the works of darkness

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The enthusiastic welcome by Presbyterian minister Rev Charles McMullen for his invitation to meet the Pope stands in marked contrast to both history, scripture and confession of faith.

St Bridget of Sweden (1369AD) whom papists worship as a canonised saint, called the Pope “a murderer of souls, more cruel than Judas, more unjust than Pilate, worse than Lucifer himself and, who prophesied that the See of Rome shall thrown down into the deep like a millstone according to Rev 18:21”.

That is the uniform testimony of the church and its martyrs.

Scripture commands that Christians have no fellowship with the works of darkness.

The Mass is a work of darkness.

The Westminster Confession of Faith that he swore to uphold, right calls the pope ‘antichrist’.

Rev McMullen tramples it under his feet.

Rev E T Kirkland, Free Church Continuing, Ballyclare