Contact Labour about Corbyn and the unborn

The British Labour Party is the latest collective of abortionistas jumping and screaming onto the bandwagon to bring abortion to Northern Ireland.

Their manifesto for the general election states (page 109) “we will work with the Assembly to extend that right to choose a ‘safe and legal abortion’ (my parenthesis) to women in Northern Ireland”.

Safe? For whom?

The baby that is murdered in its mother’s womb, the safest place for each and every one of us? The mother who runs risks of developing serious mental and gynaecological problems after the abortion?

This is worrying enough, but made even more so by Labour’s continual refusal to stand here for election, in what is supposed to be an equal part of the United Kingdom, where we are said to be valued as much as the good people of Yorkshire and Cornwall.

I urge all pro-lifers to contact the Labour Party and tell Mr Corbyn that his interference and potential killing of our unborn children in Northern Ireland is neither welcome nor necessary, and has been rejected many times by voters here every time we vote.

John Austin, Limavady