Contradictory statements by Gove on NHS post Brexit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The following is the first few lines in an article in Irish Independent:

Medicine shortages experienced by the UK after a disorderly Brexit will directly affect supplies in Ireland, the British government has warned.

Michael Gove, the minister in charge of the UK’s no-deal planning, told MPs that he wanted to “help those citizens in Ireland” who need medicines - but he pointedly added that can only be achieved if the backstop is dropped.

He claimed two-thirds of “medical supplies which reach the Republic of Ireland” must pass through the UK first.

Would this be Michael Gove, whose government claims there will be NO disruption to UK medicine? Yet now he says that it will affect Ireland?

The only way these two statements are not true is if medicines which arrive in mainland GB are all that UK need, and that forwarding of medicines to Ireland will be blocked.

Then, there would be no shortage domestically, but it would affect Ireland.

As the Tories say there will be no border, the only way of stopping medicines being brought into Belfast and shipped south would be for any blockage to be done at GB ports.

There cannot be another way for Gove’s statements to not be contradictory.

Assuming he is not lying , Gove has just thrown our health service (which is in dire-enough straits as it is) under a huge bus.

Steve Tymms, BT16