Councillors need to wake up and realise that this is not a matter of equality but of LGBT domination

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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As a resident and ratepayer of Antrim and Newtownabbey your article concerning the rainbow flag motion which was discussed recently at a full council meeting begs several questions (‘Gay DUP councillor votes against rainbow motion,’ July 31).

We are thankful to the 14 councillors who clearly saw this decision as a politicisation of council property which it is and therefore opposed raising any flag.

It does appear that those supporting the motion, all of a liberal left persuasion, have little interest or support for traditional family values which LGBT deride worldwide.

It is ludicrous for the proposer, Councillor Finlay to talk about ‘the law of averages suggesting that 6% of the population are from the LGBTQ community’.

What I am saying is that the rainbow flag publicly displayed is making a statement which is offensive to the Christian community.

Please consider the percentage of Christians in Antrim and Newtownabbey?

I challenge Mr Finlay to prove this conclusively, by having a referendum in the borough.

The rainbow flag it must be said does not represent a biblical rainbow which contains seven colours.

Same sex marriage in the UK was not a matter of equality for one small minority group but as LGBT have proved worldwide, a complete dismantling of society’s moral boundaries given to us by the Word of God.

Such at one time were the bedrock and ‘glue’ of society.

The LGBT agenda is cultural Marxism which will progress into more toleration along this road as is being proved with the legislation pushing this agenda into schools.

Clearly indoctrination of children at every level by something which denies the God of heaven and His Word.

This is not a matter of equality but of domination by LGBT and councillors in our councils ought to waken up and smell the coffee!

Raymond Stewart, Secretary, Reformation Ireland, Newtownabbey