Crashing out of the EU is our only option

The News Letter's Morning View of November 16 ('˜The defeat of the EU withdrawal deal is the first imperative') correctly assesses the sitaution.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 10:02 pm
The letter-writer says that German firms like VW would not thank the EU for hurting sales of vehicles into the UK

Read it HERE.

The proposed deal, as Ben Lowry pointed out on page three that day (‘A ruthless side to May that has finally turned against NI’), will see Northern Ireland remaining in the EU single market with an immediate internal regulatory border in the Irish Sea.

In addition, when Britain leaves the Customs Union, as it intends to at some future date, Northern Ireland will be obliged to remain, creating a “full trade Irish Sea border”.

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Letter to the editor

It is clear, beyond doubt, that such a development will signal the end of the United Kingdom as a unitary state.

Theresa May is a remainer whose intention was always to achieve a remain deal, or BRINO (Brexit in Name Only).

Aside from that, it is simply not possible for May (or anyone else) to “negotiate” an exit deal with an institution, such as the EU, run by a priestly class.

You might as well seek to “negotiate” the doctrine of Papal Infallibility with the Vatican – the issue is simply not up for discussion.

There is also a powerful, latent, anti-British sentiment amongst large sections of the European political elite because of historical events – half the world speaks the English language, for example, a fact much resented by the French in particular.

Since Brussels has no intention of allowing the UK to leave the EU fully and make its own trade deals with the wider world, then the only option is for the UK to ‘crash out’, taking its purse with it.

You can rest assured as the exit date looms that other members above all Dublin, with its huge reliance on the UK market – will start seeking agreement to keep trade flowing.

The UK is, by far, the largest market for German cars in Europe; BMW and Volkswage would not take kindly to laying off workers and shutting down production at the request of Brussels ideologues.

As Enoch Powell, patron saint of Brexit, once wrote: “All liberation comes suddenly by denouncing obligations and terminating commitments which conflict with it.”

In reality, there is no other way for Britain to leave the European Union.

Robert Morton, Ballymena