‘Crocodile tears’ from former bomber

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I was more than surprised to read a letter in today’s Newsletter from Martina Anderson MEP in relation to the terror attack in Paris. I fully support her comments that this ‘was an attack on democracy and freedom of the press’.

But, unless I am mistaken, this is the same Martina Anderson who was arrested aged 18 after leaving a bomb in a furniture store in Londonderry and charged with possession of a firearm and causing an explosion.

She fled across the border to evade the authorities and went ‘on the run’. She was again arrested on 24 June 1985 at a flat in Glasgow and on 11 June 1986, she and five others were convicted of conspiring to cause explosions.

She is married to fellow IRA member Paul Kavanagh, a convicted bomber.

The term ‘crocidolite tears’ comes to mind - she and her fellow terrorists in the IRA attempted to kill democracy in Northern Ireland and indeed newspaper offices in Northern Ireland were not exempted from terror attacks by the IRA and journalists were also targeted by terror organisations.

Until people like Martina Anderson condemn all acts of terrorism including their own vile pasts their words are useless in any fight against the scourge of terrorism we face today.

Ross M Hussey MLA

West Tyrone