Daniel McCrossan: I want to meet A5 opponents to hear face-to-face their concerns on this vital road scheme

Daniel McCrossan MLA pictured at the A5, the upgrade of which he says is vital
Daniel McCrossan MLA pictured at the A5, the upgrade of which he says is vital

Following confirmation that the A5 Western Transport Corridor scheme will be delayed until September, I am calling on the Alternative A5 Alliance (AA5A) to meet me face-to-face over their opposition and continued attempts to sabotage this vital scheme.

The AA5A need to stop hiding behind the legal process and newspaper columns.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

This is much too serious an issue to be delayed any longer without full explanation and justification for the continued meddling with a project that is absolutely necessary to save lives, open links across this island and at the very least, give the people of the west safe and decent roads to travel on.

It is time the AA5A got the message that the majority of people across religious and political divides support the full delivery and development of this important, long-overdue project.

The AA5A are a minority and should not fool themselves by thinking that their ridiculous actions and blockages of progress represents the majority of people across counties Tyrone, Derry, Donegal and throughout Northern Ireland.

For too long, the AA5A have remained in the shadows.

I am now calling for them to meet with me face-to-face to explain what their issues are and what their real agenda is. For me, as a Tyrone man, this project is the most important infrastructure project on the island of Ireland.

The A5, in its current condition, is one of the most dangerous roads in Ireland where countless lives have been lost unnecessarily.

The scheme has the potential to transform the lives of everyone across these counties by increasing connectivity and investment in the area which has long suffered generational neglect.

The time for messing has ended.

Our people are losing patience and this MLA, and the SDLP, are determined and will not rest until the A5WTC is delivered.

I would encourage the AA5A to get in contact with my offices to get all matters on the table.

Daniel McCrossan, MLA, SDLP, West Tyrone

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