David Burnside: We need to be told what progress there has been in solving Derry Brigade IRA murders

In 1972, the year of the illegal march, on so called Bloody Sunday twenty seven members of the British Army, both regular and Ulster Defence Regiment, and officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary were murdered by members of the Derry Brigade of the Provisional IRA under the direct command of Martin McGuinness.

Saturday, 9th March 2019, 8:13 am
Letter to the editor

Would the secretary of state for Northern Ireland in her next appearance in the Commons and the chief constable of the PSNI at his next meeting of the Policing Board report on what progress has been made in prosecuting those responsible for the 27 criminal murders.

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This should take considerably less time than they have devoted this week to more humbling apologies to the relatives of those shot on Bloody Sunday, because the answers will be under investigation none, prosecutions none, convictions none and apologies to victims’ families none.

David W B Burnside, former Ulster Unionist MP, Ballymoney