DAVID McCONAGHIE: Causeway creationist feature promotes healthy debate

THE new visitors centre at the Giant’s Causeway added another excellent item to Northern Ireland tourism.

The Giant’s Causeway is our most visited tourist destination and is of world significance. The new centre will only add to this unique and priceless natural treasure.

One particularly welcome ingredient in the centre is how it treats ongoing debates around the formation and age of the stones themselves.

‘Caleb’ has championed the recognition of the view, held by scientists right across the spectrum, that the scientific evidence points to a much younger age of the universe and to the direct involvement of a Divine Creator.

The inclusion in the new centre of an acknowledgement of an alternative explanation of its origins, and of the continuing debate about it, is an encouraging step. We’ve had collective hysteria from those who would conceal evidence, suppress facts, withhold data, obstruct enquiry and stifle debate – but that was expected.

‘Caleb’ had engaged over many months with elected representatives and the National Trust on this. The step taken by the Trust is a small, but welcome, move towards greater inclusivity.

It is though, of itself, significant. For the first time a younger earth interpretation has now been included as part of an official site such as this. The National Trust did so without abandoning its own commitment to the majority interpretation. If the Trust can do so – why couldn’t others? Clearly they could.

This new feature at the Causeway Centre also has another wider significance. Every church group, Sunday school, youth fellowship etc can now go to the Causeway Centre, take on board what is said about the continuing debate and, from that starting point, tell children, young people, men’s groups, ladies’ fellowships or senior citizens about the wealth of evidence in all branches of science – evidence that some would seek to suppress – in all creation, that points to the hand of a sovereign God in this world. From there, they can show how this is in harmony with the Bible’s revelation of the grace of God in reaching down to mankind to redeem from sin.

Where once the only view on display was of an old earth, there is now reference to another perspective. The availability of more information will promote healthy, informed debate – surely that is a good thing.

David McConaghie is the press officer for the Caleb Foundation.