David McNarry: Brexit is of great importance to NI yet is not under discussion in talks

Letter to the editor

Unionists will welcome all opportunities to strengthen the Union and restore self determination.

Unionism in general favours the restoration of Stormont and supports the implementation of Brexit.

It is therefore alarming to find that in the party talks constructed to restore Executive devolution, Brexit is not under discussion .

These talks are about Stormont’s future governance under power-sharing by mandatory or voluntary methods. Yet there is not a jot of realisation that Brexit is of exceptional importance to Northern Ireland .

Given that the prospects of any agreement between the DUP and Sinn Fein are low but perhaps achievable.

Just say that between them they manage to cancel out each other and form an Executive: How long then does anyone expect it to last once a Brexit directive hits the table for implementation?

Minutes, hours or days only?

Politics has lost its way. Whether or not the Stormont shutters fall, Brexit is the ultimate game changer .

The people deserve a vision of what the future promises.

David Mc Narry, Former leader of Ukip in Northern Ireland, Co Down

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