David McNarry: If Scotland goes, so be it – but leave my country out of it

Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Belfast campaigning for Brexit with David McNarry
Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Belfast campaigning for Brexit with David McNarry

Through the national decision taken at the democratic ballot box we have won our country back.

Yet immediately in the aftermath some cite this public demonstration to be wrong.

What do they want an apology and a referendum re-run?

Already the ‘luvvies’ are pressing home division on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, class etc.

It is as if those who voted Brexit are to them an alien community.

Locally the despicable opportunists of Sinn Fein have with indecent haste waded in calling for a border poll in a strident move to back up the Union.

These latter day converts to peaceful and democratic means are seizing on the rhetoric of the Scottish nationalists limpets.

Did I not hear ‘all’ leaders prior to polling day agree that whatever the result they would accept the people’s choice without rancour?

So much it seems for bad losers that less than 24 hours later they had broken their word.

The ugly side of scare-mongering continues to the extent that those who voted as a majority Leave are being scapegoated!

Let me point out that no one who voted Leave owes an apology, nor should they be targeted by the drips who have no cause to fight for.

Insofar as my friends in Scotland and those who believe that independence from the UK is their birth right and that entry into the European Union is their destiny.

Reluctantly I say if it is your wish to breakaway then do so as quickly as possible without negotiation or pain put on the rest of us.

But in their capacity for escapism to be ‘euroscots’ do not dare to encourage or wage war on the unionists of my country.

Do not ferment tensions here with your fellow republican travellers in Sinn Fein.

Link up in some facile Celtic club with the Irish Republic in a Federal United States of Europe if that is your heart’s desire, but leave us, my country out of your negotiations.

Quite frankly Nicola Sturgeon is behaving like a spoilt child well above her station.

• David McNarry, the former MLA for Strangford, is leader of Ukip NI