David McNarry: NI cannot be traded into a customs union

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Brexit is being used as a bludgeon to force Northern Ireland into an EU customs union jointly with the Irish Republic outside the United Kingdom.

This is the embryo deal circulating without unionism’s knowledge or consent .

It is critical that the secretary of state intervenes by challenging such chicanery. Northern Ireland cannot be traded into a customs union controlled from Dublin and effectively annexing Northern Ireland from the UK.

Karen Bradley must knock back the alarmist scare mongering over the peace process as being fabricated by the bunch of Tory and Labour shysters forming an anti-Brexit alliance in the House of Commons acting without foundation.

A hard border does not threaten the peace process. The peace was hard won and the process long ended. A hard border is part and parcel of Irish baloney whipping up their worries over their trade prospects with the UK once Brexit takes place. Tough!

But the Irish will manufacture an EU border with an all Ireland customs union to suit their selfish needs only.

Unionism stands little chance on its own against the formidable Irish government’s world wide network using every trick in the book and even recruiting such strange bedfellows as extreme republicans and remainer Tories.

In the face of this relentless onslaught by both the Irish and the EU on Northern Ireland’s rights to exit the EU as part of the United Kingdom, the secretary of state has a duty to assure unionism that Downing Street acts for and represents coherently and consistently only Northern Ireland’s interests in the Brussels negotiations and not the bidding of the Irish Republic.

Speak out now Mrs Bradley because it looks to unionism that Dublin has snared David Davis into contemplating an all Ireland customs union.

David McNarry, Co Down