David McNarry: Nigel Farage deserves to be in the Brexit talks

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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What a man!

A few weeks ago Nigel Farage told me that he would shake up the establishment. He said that he had done it before, only this time it was serious.

Emphatically he has delivered the Brexit Party as the undisputed champions of the peoples vote to leave the EU.

In six weeks he put together a party machine which has just destroyed the Conservatives and uprooted Labour.

With people crying out for resolute leadership Farage has stood head and shoulders above all his challengers .

The demand to be included in negotiations with Brussels resonates with the British people and is justified by the massive mandate given to the Brexit Party.

Unionism here needs friends and allies beyond confidence and supply arrangements propping up an all-at-sea Tory party.

I know Nigel Farage to be a good friend of Northern Ireland and a true unionist.

He does not do ethnic or religious judgements , he only values the merits of contributions made to the nation.

He will not interfere to weaken the pro Union vote with Brexit Party candidates unless necessary. However and rightly so he expects to be included in decisions and outcomes impacting from the dreaded border backstop.

It would be witless for the DUP and the UUP to ignore Nigel Farage.

David McNarry, Ex UUP and Ukip MLA, Comber