David McNarry: Only an election can restore the 2016 will of the people in parliament

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The feckless cabal of parliamentary remainers turning politics into a laughing stock are quick to remind us of the law but slow to enact the peoples’ vote of 2016.

It is grossly dishonest to delay the nation’s departure from the EU. This motley crew of Marxists, republicans, luvvies, and shameless Tory charlatans back the backstop.

They are content to watch the EU force Northern Ireland into a customs union annexing us from the rest of the UK. Our Union is worth less to them than the European Union. Only an early election can restore the will of the people in parliament.

There is nothing in law written into the Belfast Agreement which compels the UK to guarantee to the EU a frictionless trade agreement with the Irish Republic.

It serves the Irish right when shooting themselves in the foot results in their losing their import and export business with the UK worth over £40 billion per annum. The Irish have pushed good relations to the brink.

The backstop will be prevented and when the blame game kicks in there will be no hiding place for its sponsors.

David McNarry, Comber