David McNarry PLATFORM: Time to give people back their freedom

David McNarry
David McNarry

UKIP wants to bring the people into the heart of government and give them a bigger opportunity to have their say through local referendums, says David McNarry MLA

UKIP’s demand for local referendums sets it apart from all other parties.

We want to radically change how local councils are run, opening them up to more direct democracy, giving the people a greater say.

It will take a decade before new community identities emerge in the new council areas.

People need to realise that councils will have new powers such as planning and a greater capacity to impact on everybody’s life.

That’s why I am asking people to sit up and focus on electing councillors.

Up to now, our councils have all too often been full of self-important councillors who waste ratepayers’ money on white elephant council headquarters and self-celebrating legacy projects while doing little or nothing to protect our town centres from parking charges leading to retail collapse and boarded up shops.

UKIP will end jobbery, co-option of relatives, will slash excessive pay deals for senior council staff and build inter-council partnerships to save ratepayers money through widespread economies of scale. Above all, UKIP will use local referendums to put contentious or important issues to a public vote so the people can have a say.

People are not voting because they think it makes little difference. UKIP wants to bring the people into the heart of government and give them far more opportunity to have their say.

Unlike the other parties, we want people involved.

Let the local community decide on flying the Union Flag or on naming playparks and memorials after terrorists.

UKIP will include, not exclude, people from the debate.

UKIP will develop more direct democracy and put the people in the driving seat.

It will end excessive interference by councils, Stormont, government and Europe in every aspect of people’s lives.

It will give people back their freedom.

UKIP will spell the end of the nanny state, of over-government and political correctness. People will once again be able to say what they think. UKIP is the party of freedom and the champion of the people’s liberty against power-grabbing, power-hungry, self-interested elites. The last hour of these elites is the first hour of freedom.