David McNarry: The DUP need to warn the prime minister against repeating a shoddy deal such as that done by Theresa May

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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In an excellent expose of Conservative chicanery, Rod Liddle, in his book ‘The Great Betrayal,’ details an account of a lunch between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Junker on December 4 2017.

Liddle reveals that the then prime minister conceded that Northern Ireland would be in full alignment with the Republic of Ireland, meaning harmonisation with the European Union on trade matters and therefore a conflict with the Belfast Agreement with regard to the notion of an ‘all island economy ‘.

The author refers to a mobile phone call interrupting the lunch from Arlene Foster informing Mrs May that the deal she was about to strike with the EU was unacceptable and would end the confidence and supply arrangement .

The dirty deal May was ready to agree, would not only have separated Northern Ireland from the UK it would have tied Northern Ireland closely not just to EU but to the Republic.

It was an illustration of the Conservative government’s preparedness to barter NI in a shoddy deal.

Removing the backstop is key to the UK avoiding a no deal exit on October 31.

In which respect unionists expect the DUP to warn off Boris Johnson against attempting to swing a deal with the EU in a manner similar to that which Theresa May nearly got away with.

David McNarry, Ex Ulster Unionist and Ukip MLA