David McNarry: The game is up for Stormont, which had no provision to deal with extremist republicans

Letter to the editor

Stop pussy footing about and paying MLAs to talk in the forlorn hope that bad blood can be patched up with unionism marrying into republicanism and vice versa.

Let us cut our losses by admitting that the Belfast Agreement is subscribing to instability and no government.

Politics is in a shambles because without continuity, stability and loyalty to the institutions there is absolutely no chance of devolution succeeding in its current form.

The blueprint for a mandatory coalition or to be frank the elitists’ penchant to force Protestants and Catholic to share power is the agreement.

It has worked on the principle of compromise, which has not provided good government.

Compromise between battle hardened uncompromising parties with overwhelming majorities predictably came off the rails due to Sinn Fein intransigence.

Peter Robinson did not have to deal with red line demands from Martin McGuinness in the blatant manner Arlene Foster has been given her notice to quit by Michelle O’Neill.

It is incredible pie in the sky thinking by the secretary of state that the DUP and Sinn Fein will after talks kiss and make up and walk back into government as if the past 19 months were all a big mistake.

The game is up and the public know this to be the harsh reality.

The fault lies with an outdated agreement and not with the electorate defining their support for two uncompromising parties who between them rendered the agreements devolution structures redundant.

We desperately need an initiative creating a realistic new and lasting sustainable ‘alternative’ to the current flawed and unworkable assembly.

Irrespective of the DUP and Sinn Fein being unable to work together or even the UUP in government with Sinn Fein the agreement did not provide for the prospect of extreme republicanism being in power.

We require an urgent review of the current structures of devolution recommending the return of majority 50+1 government with a coalition in place and an official opposition operating .

David McNarry, Comber

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