David McNarry: The message from Portadown is a crescendo of demands for counter action to oppose a border in the Irish Sea

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The informative report by Ben Lowry (‘Loyalist protest meeting in Portadown against Boris Johnson’s Betrayal Act was packed and angry,’ November 23) of the meeting of unionist-loyalists was an insight into a groundswell mood which is typical across the country.

They all represent rumblings inside grass roots unionism and should not be dismissed.

Ben’s report defined accurately feelings of discontent at the Tory Brexit betrayal laced with palpable anger directed at the unionist leaderships. Most is unfair, but the meeting showed a clear demand as is the case growing up and down the country for a detailed explanation and an action plan .

The report highlighted much more than frustration. Based on what was heard and seen the report relayed the message of thousands of grass roots unionist-loyalist people wanting their leaderships to stand firm and reject the prospect of unionism being turned over by London, Dublin and Brussels.

The message from Portadown and other places is building into a crescendo, which will peacefully unleash demands for counter action to oppose a border in the Irish Sea dividing the UK.

David McNarry, Comber