David McNarry: Time for unionists to put forward our ‘red, white and blue’ line

David McNarry
David McNarry

Yesterday’s civil rights have been propelled into today’s republican rights and respect propaganda process.

This is a wake up call for unionism ‘Be in no doubt whatsoever that this is Sinn Fein’s most daring manoeuvre yet to front up their political noncooperation by usurping devolved democracy and to compromise the union. Their intervention to call for an inter–governmental conference and to force joint authority is further evidence of skilful manipulation to rise tensions .

Sinn Fein’s prevailing attitude to unionism’s right to be British will prove to be a defining moment for the house of unionism to deal with forthrightly. The snapper’s appetite for chewing up unionists is voracious.

Republicans are brilliant blarney bluffers. Past-masters of propaganda protest sloganizing the grievance slate but never willing to wipe it clean. Fifty years ‘misrule’, one man one vote, jobs and housing discrimination were deeply inscribed into the unionist slate as criminal acts.

These disturbing allegations confronted me then as a Young Unionist leader. The charges were upsetting in their malicious nature to me and my generation in unionism. They cannot be allowed to be foisted under new and false charges and put onto the slate of today’s young supporters of unionism.

What did republicans expect when they exploited the tactic of a sectarian head-count with tens of thousands abandoning the SDLP to boost the vote for extremist republicanism? The reaction was spontaneous. The house of unionism chose to circle its wagons and rally behind the DUP.

However nothing is a given in unionism. Hearing their frontline negotiators effectively pronounce that they had no demands to place on the talks table. No issues to conclude on Brexit. No challenge to make on Sinn Fein’s denial and refusal of the rights of unionism has left many from that massive mandate given to inject confidence into unionism disappointed.

The right to freedom of expression, civil and religious liberty, victims of terrorism, Drumcree, the Military Covenant, flags and emblems all remain issues ‘still’ to be settled. So with some merit of justification the house of unionism wonders aloud why are the republican slate forgers being told, “we have no red lines“.

No doubt that the DUP are standing firm, especially following the appalling lauding of the IRA Provisionals by a foot-stomping, whooping rebel-rousing Sinn Fein mob at their party conference. How about putting it back to the republican extremists this way... ‘No more phases or process encounters, unionism demands a final settlement within the United Kingdom for all. This is our red, white and blue line’.