David McNarry: Time to bring in voluntary coalition

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

An open letter to the Secretary of State James Brokenshire:

Blackmail is a criminal offence, yet political blackmail by Sinn Fein goes unpunished.

Under your watch Her Majesty’s Government turns a blind eye to the extent of extortion extracted from your office by republicans in their red line demands. Are we to take it that the prime minister approves?

Power sharing is not working any longer under mandatory coalition. You must surely recognise that this is being exploited by those who do not want devolution to progress or the country to flourish.

Executive government can be restored tomorrow on you recommendation to Parliament.

You have the authority to act on offering to the assembly ‘sharing power’ by invitation on a voluntary basis.

Instead of chasing your tail and directing a crisis, which is taking advantage of your indecision, it is time to focus on practical steps likely to restore Stormont. Only one party stands in the way of agreement and it is irresponsible to allow Sinn Fein to hold to ransom the legitimate will of by far the greater majority.

You urgently need to switch direction by inviting the DUP SDLP, Alliance and UUP the choice to accept proportionately ministerial posts in an executive.

You have no excuse for continuing to allow Sinn Fein’s obstruction to have the upper hand, especially when a sustainable devolved government can be secured without them.

David McNarry, Co Down