David McNarry: Unionists are crying out for an awakening against the stridency of Sinn Fein

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Following on from Sam McBride’s opinion piece on Saturday (‘We are entering a defining season for Foster — and for all of unionism,’ August 17):

It is inconceivable that the leaderships of unionism are unaware of the discontent and displeasure over the increasing tensions republicans are causing.

A rallying call pushing back Sinn Fein’s stridency and making it a defining season for republicanism would be effective .

Unionism currently lacks a unified dynamic that can assertively reject rampant republican agitation.

There is a demand for the leaderships to toughen up in reaction to Sinn Fein spitting out anti British venom.

The unrelenting offensive to remove the British from Ireland is an ugliness directed at the whole unionist community.

Supporters are crying out for a unionist awakening and a determination to extinguish the Sinn Fein fire that is fuelling hostility toward all unionists.

The underhand methods used by republicans are serious warnings to be heeded.

Unionists want to see the leaderships deliver to London, Brussels and Washington conclusive evidence that Sinn Fein no longer see any merit in the Belfast Agreement.

That it has outlived its usefulness and is of no future tactical or strategic interest to their agenda, and pointing out that Sinn Fein have moved the process on to concentrate on joint authority.

The unionist electorate are expecting the leaders to redress what is an ominous Sinn Fein hit list.

They also want swift action to denounce the soft underbelly of unionism that is receptive to being plied with inducements of position and influence in a planned New Ireland Dominion.

True unionists who voted in 2016 to remain in the EU will not roll over and convert to nationalism .

Leadership entails providing an enduring security of tenure within the Union for all Northern Irish people. Loyalty and belonging to the UK as British citizens are cherished rights.

The leaderships must uphold and defend all unionist rights.

David McNarry, Ex Ukip and UUP MLA, Comber