David McNarry: Unionists must wake up to the EU's support for Irish nationalism

Unionism is facing its greatest challenge to our right to self determination and British citizenship since partition.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 6:02 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd March 2018, 7:50 pm
EU seem to have David Davis, left with the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, as an ally who will accept border plan which would effectively place NI outside UK

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union but according to the dangerous arrangements agreed by the government with the EU commission, Northern Ireland may not be in the leaving party.

Wake up unionism!

The context of the legal text agreed by the government and the EU is a binding commitment by both to a border back stop solution.

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Letters to Editor

Should it prove to be the final position it will be a back stabbing solution. Unionism cannot afford to be relaxed about what has transpired and bartered for in the murky world of duplicitous eurocrat speak for land grabbing.

This is no time for complacency. Irish nationalism is orchestrating a tactical theatre of attrition in cahoots with the EU to circumvent Northern Ireland belonging to the UK.

They seem to have secured David Davis as an ally willing to acquiesce in accepting a back stop border solution which would effectively place Northern Ireland outside the UK.

It is alarming that there is no clear signal by the government ruling out its willingness to accept the back stop proposal as the conclusive measure consigning Northern Ireland into a Irish customs union.

Letters to Editor

The nation voted to take back control of all our borders. Surely it is fair to demand that there is no back sliding in taking back control of the Northern Ireland border.

What is missing from the government is the absence of their alternative to the back stop proposal. Where is plan B?

Hidden in his back pocket or has Mr Davis wrapped it up in some contrived half way house arrangement which brings into question both the principle of consent and the constitutional imperative?

Is a border poll the ultimate solution the government and the EU are willing to gamble on?

Being hung out to dry outside the exit framework and subjected to consideration of this unacceptable back stop proposition is an outrage which must be taken out of the negotiations with the EU.

Nothing less will be acceptable to unionism other than the government immediately issuing an unambiguous written declaration reaffirming NI’s continued constitutional position and confirming to the EU commission that there are no circumstances in which Northern Ireland will be treated different to or separate from any other constituent part of the UK.

David McNarry,

Co Down