David McNarry: Von der Leyen is pushing the button for a no deal Brexit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The appointment of Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president signals trouble for Northern Ireland and more of the same flouting of the British decision to leave the European Union in an orderly manner.

By default her opening gambit, if not intentional, has thrown wide open the prospect of a ‘no deal’ confronting the next prime minister .

Her fixated preservation of the previous commission’s commitment to implement the Irish backstop reflects badly on the true and future intentions of the EU.

She offers a willingness to extend time not asked for to complete the UK’s exit from the EU, cloaking her ultimate goal of pressurising the British to bend the knee to Brussels. Mrs von der Leyen is pushing the button for a no deal .

Tasked to be Mrs Merkel’s chosen corporal to recruit and build a European Army under the control of a United States of Europe, the new commissioner wields a mighty stick striking across British Brexit backs .

She will be a formidable opponent, despite her words of friendship to the UK.

Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have made clear the uncompromising rejection of the backstop.

Unionists must hold the next prime minister firm to his word.

It would do no harm for the leaders of unionism, loyalism, trade and business,farmers and fisheries et al to be in Brussels this week to meet with Mrs Von der Leyen, and tell her some home truths about the pernicious backstop she supports.

David McNarry, Former Ulster Unionist and Ukip MLA, Comber