Deal or not, the United Kingdom must leave the European Union on March 29

The country voted for Westminster to get back British sovereignty
The country voted for Westminster to get back British sovereignty

Some of us don’t agree with the prime minister on everything, but around 17.4 million people explicitly agree with her over Brexit.

In June 2016, the UK unashamedly voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%. Leave meant leave then, and leave means leave now.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The definition of the word ‘leave’ has not changed — editors of the Oxford Dictionary have confirmed it.

The question has to be asked: do 650 MPs in Parliament have some difficulty in understanding simple English vocabulary?

Let us educate them on their higgledy-piggledy with the term ‘leave’.

Voters were asked to place an X in one of two boxes: either remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union.

Some 17.4 million people in the UK knew exactly, without any dubiety or question, what they were doing and how they were voting when they placed their cross in the ‘leave’ box.

A large number of these MP’s somehow forget a palpable fact, they would rather ignore, and shame on them: with more than 33.6 million people voting, the referendum turnout was 72.2% — it was one of the biggest democratic mandates for any party or policy in British history.

The joint instruction they gave parliament was plain and simple: as a nation, we want to leave the EU.

This decision was accepted by the House of Commons and endorsed in the manifestos of both main political parties. Yes, they agreed to respect the democratic wishes of the electorate.

The unswerving craving of leavers was for the nation to get back British sovereignty. All they were hearing from the EU was the constant deafening cry of ‘we want ever closer union’ and ‘we decide your rules, laws and regulations’.

There are a 1,001 reasons for 17.4 million wanting to leave the EU, a corrupt institution beset with equally the same number of chasmic problems.

Yes, we want democracy restored, be free of the EU’s unaccountable bureaucrats, and take back control of our borders, our laws, our trade policy, our money and everything else that does not legitimately belong to Brussels.

We remind Parliament that the time for all political whingeing and shenanigans is now over.

Deal, or no deal, the British Government must leave the EU, at 11pm on 29 March 2019, in accordance with democratic mandates and UK law.

Leave means what it means – leave!

Donald J Morrison, Inverness