Doing business with the rest of the UK will require customs clearance, affecting over 70% of trade

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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I always maintained that SinnFein/IRA and some nationalists would treat the Brexit referendum as a border poll and to date I’ve been proved right.

Now I wonder how people who voted remain and welcomed Boris’s deal when it was first announced feel now, when it has been explained that all food products that we accepted as normal will cost more because European Union tariffs will be placed on food stuffs coming into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

All of our business with our biggest customers in the rest of the UK will require customs clearance affecting over 70% of trade, which is with the UK.

This is all because the Ulster Farmers Union, NI Chamber of Commerce, Belfast Chamber of Commerce, and many other business representative groups and all the main political parties wanted to keep an open land border for approximately 12.5% of our total trade which is with the Republic of Ireland.

And these people thought it would be nice to Remain, but when the reality of dearer food prices, clothing etc hits home, with no increase in wages, pensions, etc to cover it I feel there might be a big change of mind!

Robert Baxter, Coleraine