Double standards over transgender Christ play

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The ongoing row over the blasphemous and slanderous Clifford play has thrown up numerous issues which continue to aggravate.

Firstly, the cowardice of Clifford and the Arts Festival which sponsored him.

Had Christians threatened to shoot or stab Clifford and bomb the venue, the play would have been stopped and suitable apologies issued. The BOQ Arts Festival took the cowardly option of slandering Christ instead. Why the double standards?

Secondly. The funding issue raises the question as to why it’s acceptable to use taxpayers money to fund such a sneering contemptible play knowing that it was highly offensive. No other such play would be tolerated. More double standards.

Thirdly. Instead of relying upon ignorance, there ought to have been some questions asked, given the applicant.

Depending upon officials may provide excuse but doesn’t evade responsibility by all who were involved in the decision making process.

Fourthly, by causing gratuitous offence how can it be justified under the much trumped Section 75 of ‘promoting of good relations’? It seems that insulting Christians doesn’t fall under that category. Double standards once again.

Rev E T Kirkland, Ballyclare