DUP cannot decide which rights to accept and reject

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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When is the DUP going to learn and accept that they can not dictate which human rights they will allow to be granted in Northern Ireland? Same sex marriage, abortions, inquests into murders, etc, the list goes on.

They have unionists looking like that we are all arrogant people who have a mindset that if we don’t agree with something, even though many many others do, then it will not be allowed.

The DUP have painted a false picture of our community by their own religious beliefs and self serving politics. They certainly do not serve the people. One day the unionist people will turn on them and for the sake of democracy and fairness: the sooner the better. But let us not forget about Sinn Fein who also compete with the DUP on hypocrisy and human rights.

Any political party who regards murderers as victims has no link to truth, justice and democracy.

Sinn Fein have given the impression that anything related to unionism/Britishness must go.

Is it not time that they put their hands up and condemn the murders of the IRA, along with the DUP condemning the murders of the loyalist paramilitaries and security forces?

That would be progress for everyone.

Unity should be firstly about bringing all our people together with acceptance of both cultures and human rights.

Raymond McCord, North Belfast