DUP criticises Corbyn, yet is has shared power with SF-IRA terrorists

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds is quoted (June 10): “Under no circumstances would we consider in any way aiding and abetting Jeremy Corbyn to advance his objectives because the man’s track record of support for terrorism and bloodshed and murder in Northern Ireland, and his record in terms of international terrorism is one that is just appalling and we would never support that.”

Perhaps I could remind Mr Dodds that those very same terrorists to whom he refers as having shed so much innocent blood in Ulster, those same terrorists whom he castigates Jeremy Corbyn for supporting, are the same terrorists whom Mr Dodds saw fit to elevate to the heart of government in Northern Ireland.

I might add the very same terrorists whom Mr Dodds sustained in office despite the continued existence of the IRA army council, despite continued IRA murder (Paul Quinn and Kevin McGuigan to name but two examples) and despite the continued involvement of republicans in criminality.

Perhaps to put this point more clearly, the IRA terrorists eliminated at Loughgall, whom Mr Corbyn stood to remember, and the IRA terrorists responsible for the Enniskillen bomb, which atrocity Mr Corbyn attempted to blame on the British government, carried out the orders of the same army council, which according to the government in 2015, effectively continues to control Sinn Fein, the same army council controlled Sinn Fein with whom Mr Dodds has been united in power sharing alliance for the best part of a decade.

It seems that while Mr Dodds is adamant the DUP will not support Jeremy Corbyn he is quite prepared to aid and abet the friends and allies of Mr Corbyn in IRA/SF.

Richard Ferguson, Dollingstown