DUP fail to accept reality: NI and GB are just different

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The DUP’s unseemly crowing at Mrs May’s postponement of the meaningful vote clearly demonstrates their lack of vision and forward thinking.

They have tied themselves up in a Brexiteer ideological straitjacket, the legacy of which will damage their image and reputation for years to come.

They have set themselves against a deal that would have been outstanding for the Northern Ireland economy and allowed us to compete on an even footing with RoI.

They dishonestly deny the reality that NI is different from GB, as indubitably evidenced by our different laws and judicial system.

In the past they were also willing to accept a corporation tax regime for NI that would significantly diverge from the rest of the UK – what can be more different than that?

The reality is that whatever withdrawal deal is eventually arrived at will have the Irish backstop in it – the EU has made itself clear and will not change its position.

And yet the DUP has adamantly refused to accept Mrs May’s deal, despite overwhelming support from the people who provide jobs in our province.

Shame on you, DUP!

James Boyd, Jakarta, Indonesia