DUP happily jumps into Brexit fire

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I must object when I hear DUP people claiming to represent the “unionist community”.

They may well be supported by many so-called loyalists and other dour, hardliners but not anyone I know; reasonable people, comfortable with the Union, just seeking the best and happiest life for everyone.

Remember, the DUP was formed not all that long ago, by a fundamentalist, street preacher, with no qualification or experience for governance.

He regarded the policies of O’Neill, Faulkner, Molyneaux etc. as far too accommodating and suggested they were “following the Romeward trend”!

There are plenty of sensible citizens who would not even consider voting for either of the two extremist parties whose only interest is to irk each other.

They appear to have little interest, or ability, in dealing with vital, day to day, issues or indeed developing the country.

Brexit, of course, will be a disaster; promoted for all the wrong reasons.

The DUP would happily jump out of the frying pan into the fire, as long as it is a British fire!

Roderick Downer, Downpatrick, Co Down