DUP might think voters have been fooled on Libya compensation, but they haven’t

It looks like the DUP have gone into full election mode as they unveil their less than flattering slogan, ‘strength to deliver’ or STD for short.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:36 am
Letter to the editor

As if this weren’t enough to stomach, their posters carry the quote “I want an MP who answers to us, not the Tories”.

I feel as though I’ve wound up in an episode of the Twilight Zone, since when have the DUP been answerable to their electorate?

RHI cash and freebie holidays aside, the victims of Libyan Semtex might have a word or two for DUP MPs.

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The DUP have held the balance of power at Westminster since 2017, and in that time there has been absolutely no progress on the compensation issue.

This is doubly irksome to the victims when you consider that American, French and German victims of Libyan sponsored terror were compensated over a decade ago.

And far from “not answering” to the Tories, the DUP have remained silent time and time again when the Tories have given the victims the proverbial kick in the teeth.

The Tories rubbished the NIAC report and the DUP sat idly by. The Tories objected to Lord Empey’s asset recovery bill and the DUP sat idly by.

It was recently revealed that the frozen Libyan assets, the very assets that the Tories said they couldn’t touch, have been touched. They have been used to pass money to members of the Gaddafi family and when asked if the UKG were pocketing the interest on the £12 billion of frozen assets, the government decided to plead the 5th, and again the DUP sat idly by.

The whole business stinks and where are the DUP? Like a dodgy used car salesman they are conning the masses with a smile and a wink and hoping we’ve not been paying attention.

They may think they have the electorate fooled, but it’s obvious who plays the part of the organ grinder and who plays the monkey in the Tory/DUP pact.

Andrew Magowan, Belfast BT4