DUP think they are the reason that Westminster helps Northern Ireland but might it not just be that the Tories value us in NI?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I don’t doubt that most DUP members support the Union but some of them need to take a long hard long at themselves.

They imply that the only way that Northern Ireland gets benefits from a Westminster government is by the DUP pressuring them.

Isn’t it possible that the 300 plus Conservative ministers and MPs want the best for everyone in the UK?

Isn’t it possible – especially in the absence of a functioning Assembly – that they simply listened to the concerns of business leaders and others and took action accordingly?

Many in DUP ranks were unhappy with attempts by leading DUP figures to portray everything relating to Northern Ireland as a ‘victory they have screwed out of the Conservatives’.

This builds on allegations in the RHI Inquiry that a DUP special adviser said people should ‘fill their boots’ from the scheme in the mistaken belief that bill was being paid for by the Treasury rather than the people of Northern Ireland directly.

Anyone who calls themselves a unionist should be concerned about how taxpayers’ money is being spent – whether it is Northern Ireland taxpayers money or GB taxpayer’s money is irrelevant.

I know many in the DUP are ashamed at the actions carried out in the name of the DUP.

One thing is clear – anyone who abuses UK taxpayers money in this way is not a unionist. And I’d question whether everyone who thinks Northern Ireland has to force concessions from UK government is a unionist too. Simple fact; this budget is the work of a Conservative and Unionist government and will benefit everyone in NI.

David Harding, Conservative councillor, Coleraine