Education handed over to Sinn Fein


In 2010 I obtained details under Freedom of Information in respect of Irish language schools which disclosed in the response to me;

1. There were no classes with more than 20 pupils and yet controlled schools frequently had to cope with 30 pupils to a teacher

2. There were 11 such schools with less than 100 pupils with some as low as 24;34;36. I claimed the minister would have these closed if they were controlled; how many controlled schools were open with such small numbers?

3. There are nine with capacity of less than 100 eg. 40; 41; what an abuse and waste of money.

I finished my letter with the question “Why can’t Irish be taught the same as any other foreign language?”

In the light of the above I would suggest that so far as education is concerned Gregory Campbell’s blast is a bit of a Johnny come lately.

I consider that the future of the children of Northern Ireland should be the top priority for any self respecting unionist and yet time after time the DUP and UUP have left the education of our children in the hands of Martin McGuinness (self confessed PIRA commander) and his ilk.

If Gregory is sincere the DUP has the answer namely bring down the Assembly but I would suggest the DUP`s love of money will prevent that happening.

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena